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Real Estate U - NYS Real Estate License Course Online

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What you get when you sign up for the NYS Real Estate License Course:

You will receive everything you need to get your real estate license

  • Access to RealEstateU’s ONLINE 75-hour Real Estate Salesperson course (fully approved by NYS and Arello)
  • Beautifully designed and engaging video lessons, taught by 21 real estate professionals
  • 200 page downloadable PDF (the State does NOT require a textbook for online courses)
  • Take the course anywhere, using your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Freedom to study at your own pace

Note: Students have 12 months to complete the course.

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 See What Students Are Saying About Real Estate U

Thank you so much for your help over the last few weeks. I rushed to get through the course because I am so excited to start working in the field as a NYS realtor. I thought this would have a negative impact on me toward the end when I was ready to test, but I feel I retained a lot of the info and am happy with the results.

I have decided to work with HUNT Real Estate in WNY. I am SO thankful that you were available to help me when needed and never took too long to respond (really REALLY impressive). I had a small window of time to work on the classes between working full time at my other job. I am happy that I passed the NYS exam and also that I scored so well on the Course Final Exam!

I begin working as a Realtor on Sunday February 1 (about 5 weeks after I started the course). Real estate is my true passion and I know it will become a lifetime career.

Thank you again for being a part of this journey. Your response time and support was AMAZING and I could not have been happier with the program. I will definitely recommend this course to friends who are also interested in Real Estate.

Mellisa Colletti

Real Estate Salesperson, HUNT Real Estate

I will like to take this moment to thank you for all the support you have provided with the online course. It not only was great and helped me to understand the aspects of Real Estate but also provided me with a background for thought as a lot of the questions in the exam required hard thinking since choices were not straightforward.

I would recommend your online course to anyone that will want my opinion as the pricing was competitive and the curriculum was presented in a very animated, easy to follow and interesting way. I will be eventually subscribing for the continuing education course & eventually the broker course with you folks.

Thanks a bunch again, sincerely

Julio Ayon

Real Estate Salesperson

When I decided I wanted to join Keller Williams, I had to take a licensing course. I knew I needed an online course because I would be working full time until I completed the course and took the State test, and would not be able to attend a class in person.

I found RealEstateU and thought it had to be too good to be true. But as I researched online real estate courses, RealEstateU kept coming up as the one that would fit me best. And, obviously it worked! I passed the course and school test with high grades and passed the State exam on my first try!

I have already, and will continue to recommend RealEstateU to anyone who asks how I did it because RealEstateU made learning the information fun and has interesting instructors. I liked that I could pause it to take notes as I needed and that I didn’t have to buy a textbook as an added expense. I appreciate that RealEstateU made available the charts and diagrams for printing as well as creating an easy to read glossary.

Additionally, RealEstateU has done a very nice job breaking up the course in a logical manner making the ability to start and stop a module easy and convenient. I also want to acknowledge the staff that was so very patient with me and all of my questions! The support I have received has been amazing. All of my questions were answered quickly and in such a way that I could easily understand the first time and didn’t require further explanation. I begin my training with Keller Williams next week and I know that it is because of RealEstateU that I was able to reach my goal so quickly.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you!

Genevieve O'Brian

Real Estate Salesperson, Keller Williams

4 Steps You Need to Take to Become a Real Estate Agent in NY

Step 1:

Take NYS Salesperson Course

  • Affordable online course
  • Quick and easy
  • Study at your own pace

Step 2:

Pass School’s Final Exam

Get ready for the final exam by:

  • Completing the Fun & Entertaining Activities
  • Answering all the quizzes questions
  • Studying the key terms

Step 3:

Pass NY State Exam

Step 4:

Find Sponsoring Broker

  • Understand the commission split
  • Choose the right broker for you
  • Finalize the State application

What Will it Cost You to Become a Real Estate Agent in NYS?

NYS Licensing Course: $99

Proctored School Exam: $0*

NYS State Exam: $15

State License Fee: $50

Total Cost: $164

*The proctoring locations charge $0 – $75 to proctor the final exam, depending on location.

Why Do Others Choose to Become Real Estate Agents

I wanted to become an agent to assist people in fulfilling their dreams and earn additional income. Juan

Home Loan Analyst

I want to be a real estate agent as I am looking to change my career. Alex

Assistant at a Guest House

I am looking to further my education. My mother and sister are real estate agents in Arizona.  I grew up around the business and would like to further my education and get my license as well. Devan

Culinary Producer

I want decided to take the NYS Real Estate License to begin a my career. Tracey

Business Owner

I have always had an interest in Real Estate. I am striving to create multiple streams of income for myself. Lauren

Bartender & Business Owner

I have a few friends in this line of work that are doing very well and would like for me to come work with them. Juana

Online Retailer

I am already involved in real estate and love helping people. Danielle


I was always interested in real estate and sale and finally decided to go for it. Jill

Sales Manager

What is Your Reason to Become an Agent?

Get Your NYS Real Estate License Online. It is easy to do and you can wrap up the course in as early as one week if you choose.

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