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This course is designed to help you quickly and easily pass the NY State exam!


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Cut your exam studying time by 90% and do not worry about passing the State exam. The course will prepare you well for the NYS real estate exam questions

NYS Real Estate Exam Questions
Easy Preparation


  • We filtered out the exact information you need to know.
  • Potential NYS real estate exam questions.
  • Consider this the Cliff Notes for the State exam.
  • You can jump between lessons as you wish.
  • The course is divided into lessons which are numbered as such so you can always make a reference back to the 75 hour course if needed.
  • This course also includes two practice exams. The first practice exam includes explanations of each answer, while the second exam is meant to serve as a mock State exam.

NYS real estate exam questions

Key Terms


We designed a glossary of key terms that will help you prepare for your final exam. This will make your life so easy!

I passed my State Real Estate Exam and the final Exam in the same week. I scored a 97.33% on the Real Estate U final exam and around 93% on the State.

I want to say that your course was amazing and made me extremely well prepared to take both exams. All the instructors were top notch, engaging, and very knowledgeable. The extra $49.00 I spent for the state exam preparation “study guide” lessons was worth every penny.

I was able to go through the lessons at my leisure from various locations (i.e. starbucks, livingroom couch, laying out on the beach in Mexico while on vacation, at the park in the grass, and in the library). That beats sitting in a stuffy classroom.

Thank you for everything. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a real estate agent.

Aaron Hargrove