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Study When You Want

This course is specifically designed to make it easy for you to focus on your studies and learn at your own pace. Here are some of the features you can expect:


  • On-demand lessons so you can learn according to your schedule.
  • 3-20 minute video tutorials to keep you entertained.
  • Dynamic screens and memory ques so you can learn fast.
  • Beautiful graphics and easy to follow instructions.

Get Help When Needed

Working as a real estate agent means that you will need to build your own team of professionals who will help you with your deals. Instead of starting from scratch you can to use your RealEstateU instructors as your team given they are experts in their area:


  • 21 professionals teach the Real Estate License NY Course.
  • Opportunity to build your own team.
  • Professionals you cannot find on your own.
  • Expert support when you start your career.

Real Estate License NY Online


Get Your Real Estate License NY Online Without Stress

The course was divided into chapters, lessons, activities and quizzes so you can learn with ease. Also we will provide a study guide (at the end of the course) which will prepare you for your final exam. Follow the instructions in the course and you will be done in no time:


  • Enjoy easy to follow lesson.
  • Test your knowledge with fun activities and quizzes.
  • Learn the key terms we carefully prepared for you.
  • Take your time, nobody is rushing you.


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