John Mahoney

I am a Certified Public Accountant. My career includes over 10 years working for Public Accounting Firms auditing companies in my different industries including Real Estate Organizations, Manufacturing & Service Companies, Not-For-Profit Organizations, School Districts and a couple of Cities.

I also spent over 10 years as a controller and vice president of finance for Manufacturing, Wholesale and Transportation Companies.

Since 1991 I have my own CPA Practice where I perform audits and prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, estates, and corporations. I also teach accounting and taxation at NYU and Baruch.

Regarding Real Estate, I helped prepare the financial statements and tax returns for the empire state building when it was the biggest building in the world.  I wrote a book titled Real Estate Accounting & Taxation which includes an excel worksheet model with “what if” assumptions for acquiring and selling real property.  I have helped clients with IRS Sec. 1031 Exchanges to defer taxable gains on their real property.  At NYU I have taught Real Estate Accounting and Taxation in the Graduate and Undergraduate divisions.

John Mahoney

CPA Accountant

Specializes in: Accounting, Real Estate Finance


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Real Estate Accounting For Beginners

Learn the essentials of accounting that every investor must know.  These principles can be applied to all of your future deals.

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