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Course Structure

What New York State Real Estate License Course Covers
Lesson 1: License Law & Regulations
Lesson 2: Law of Agency
Lesson 3.A: Legal Issues: Estates & Interests
Lesson 3.B: Legal Issues: Liens & Easements
Lesson 3.C: Legal Issues: Deeds
Lesson 3.D: Legal Issues: Title Closing & Costs
Lesson 4: The Contract of Sales and Leases
Lesson 5: Real Estate Finance
Lesson 6: Land Use Regulations
Lesson 7.A: Construction Issues
Lesson 7.B: Environmental Issues
Lesson 8: Valuation Process & Pricing Properties
Lesson 9: Human Rights & Fair Housing
Lesson 10: Real Estate Mathematics
Lesson 11: Municipal Agencies
Lesson 12: Property Insurance
Lesson 13: Taxes & Assessments
Lesson 14: Condominiums & Cooperatives
Lesson 15: Commercial & Investment Properties
Lesson 16: Income Tax in Real Estate Transactions
Lesson 17: Mortgage Brokerages
Lesson 18: Property Management
Final Steps

Note: Students have 12 months to complete the course (including the School’s final exam).

NY State Approve Real Estate License Course Online

Arello Approve Real Estate License Course Online

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